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Pulpotomy for Children

What is a pulpotomy?

A pulpotomy, or pediatric nerve treatment, is a procedure used to restore baby teeth when decay has reached the nerve of the tooth. 

Infections in baby teeth are often caused by untreated cavities. Decay will destroy the outer layer of the tooth and grow, eventually reaching the soft "pulp" inside your child's tooth. This pulp is full of nerves, so this can cause quite a bit of pain and discomfort when left untreated. 

It's important to note that teeth can become infected after an oral trauma such as a slip and fall where a tooth is cracked. Oral bacteria enter the inside of the tooth and cause an infection - this is why it's important to always seek emergency care from a pediatric dentist if your child experiences an oral injury.

Regardless of what causes the infection to occur - the result from the invading bacteria is often the same. The pulp inside the teeth is infected, the nerves and blood vessels are damaged and eventually, if left untreated the tooth will "die".

A pulpotomy is ultimately used to prevent undesirable infections that would result in pain and tooth loss.

What happens during a pulpotomy?

During the procedure, we will remove the top part of the pulp or nerve.

Next, any remaining tooth pulp will be treated with special medication that helps protect it from getting infected.

Finally, your child's tooth will be filled with a standard dental filling or fitted with a crown.

Does it hurt?

Before the procedure begins, the affected area in your child's mouth will be anesthetized to ensure that there is no pain during the procedure.

Isn't this just a root canal?

Some people call pulpotomies "baby root canals".

A pulpotomy is much different than a root canal on an adult tooth. It is quicker and much less invasive! Most of the nerve in a pulpotomy is preserved and the tooth is kept alive. 

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